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Robert Dow


Robert Dow is a composer, sound artist, hypnotherapist and writer based in Edinburgh. His expertise and interests are very varied and include contemporary music, sound art, film, dance, theatre, photography, plant science and microbiology (especially parasitology). He is currently learning how to row.

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Kuo-Shin Chuang Pangcah Dance Theatre - 038
Dance Base


An incredible piece of work, impeccably danced.

Festival Theatre

Hansel & Gretel

Wonderful dancing, and great set and costume design: a real festive treat.

Festival Theatre

Scottish Ballet

A powerful, uncompromising double bill, performed meticulously.

Dance Base

Taiwan Season: NuShu

Slowly drawing the audience in, this is a beautiful work about a fascinating subject.

Underbelly Med Quad


Although expertly staged, this doesn’t realise its full potential to shock.

Underbelly Cowgate


Many good things here, but it doesn’t realise its full potential.

Greenside @ Nicolson Square

Trip the Light

Chock-full of vitality and zest, this is honest and very worthwhile contemporary dance.

Dance Base


Carl Knif’s achingly intimate work is beautifully precise, courageous and ultimately very joyful.


Dieser Ort

Great energy from the dancers, but perhaps too many chairs, in this new, full-length work from Matthew Farmer.

Underbelly Cowgate


Although a polished and well produced piece of theatre, this only has time to scratch the surface of the issues it addresses.

Assembly George Square Gardens


A deftly crafted, well told story, taking place in one of the Fringe’s most unique venues.

Assembly George Square Studios

Solo Date

Despite some flaws, this is a well-crafted story with a subtle complexity.

The Mikado

Although lacking some sheen, everything is as it should be musically, in this very worthwhile co-production.


A well-rounded end to a well-rounded 2015/16 season from the RSNO.