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Rod Brown

R.M.F. Brown is a Scottish freelance writer. His fiction works include: 'Death to Love,' 'Dr Acula's Book of Horror,' and 'A Rat's War'. He has had various short stories and reviews published in a diverse range of publications from Cassiopeia Magazine, Stalking Elk, The An Lucht Lonrach project, and Paragraph Planet. His non-fiction work as a film, video games, and TV reviewer has seen him published at The Wee Review, The Graduate Times and Spiked.

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The Final Year

Surface-level examination of Obama’s final year in office.


The Skull

An atmospheric horror that draws upon the brightest talent from the Hammer stable in order to compete against them.


The tension may flag at points, but this retelling of the 1947 cross-Pacific expedition boasts great acting, wonderful visuals and a tremendous sense of isolation.


A look at Roman Polanski’s classic film noir story of corruption and greed.


Witchfinder General

Michael Reeves’ classic piece of British horror set during the English Civil War.


Funny Games

A chilling and disturbing kidnap thriller from celebrated auteur Michael Haneke.