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Blood Brothers

Add a few perms and shellsuits and you’ll think your back in the ’80s with this overblown recreation of a tired musical

The Witches

Probably the darkest kids show doing the rounds this Christmas, but it’s also one of the best.


A quirky heroine leads this goofy, fun filled pantomime providing excellent family entertainment this christmas.


A neverending and self-indulgent mess almost saved by a talking cat.

Magic Sho

A melancholy undertone runs through this flashy children’s magic show that revels in its dark humour.

Lord of the Flies

An energetic and visually stunning rendition of the classic novel, yet beyond the style, it lacks depth.

Yer Granny

A broad, crowd-pleasing black comedy that fills the gap before panto season.


An overly ambitious attempt at tackling Peter Shaffer’s controversial play.

Twelve Angry Men

A masterpiece of sweaty claustrophobia in this engaging return to the stage for the classic post-courtroom tale.


An enthusiastically boisterous take on Jonathan Larson’s rock musical from Edinburgh University Footlights.