Jan Simpson


Jan is a PA, writer, editor and PhD researcher based in the North-East. For more than two years she compiled reviews with her late husband Tom. Tom adored theatre, comedy and live music and was especially adept at squeezing in as many Fringe shows as possible into three or four days. One of their first dates was to see Little Shop of Horrors in Coventry in 1990, perhaps not the most romantic night out but where it all started anyway.

27 Apr 2017

His Final Bow

* * * - -

Tale of Lincoln’s assassin John Wilkes Booth shows the danger posed by hatred, ambition and vanity.

7 Apr 2017

2 Apr 2017


* * * - -

Burnistoun pair Robert Florence and Iain Connell bring famous Glaswegian banter north

30 Mar 2017

The Crucible

* * * * -

Thrilling new production of Miller’s allegorical tale full of lessons for these strange times

20 Mar 2017

Curtis Stigers

* * * * *

A top-class singer and a flawless Big Band combine to create magic at HMT.

2 Mar 2017

Does Evil Exist?


Granite Noir session gives an enthusiastic prodding to a fundamental question

Dark Doric Workshop


Jan Simpson dabbles in Doric at an excellent creative writing workshop at Granite Noir.

1 Mar 2017

Pantsers versus Planners


Successful authors discuss approaching a new novel. Is it better to plan or fly by the seat of your…

24 Feb 2017

Dirt Under the Carpet

* * * * -

Poignant and funny insight by Rona Munro, set in Aberdeen and part of the city’s inaugural Granite Noir festival

11 Jan 2017

3 Nov 2016

27 Oct 2016

Nell Bryden

* * * - -

A bold approach touring a new album pre-release

1 Oct 2016