Shitdisco’s history and humble beginnings are somewhat more romantic than their name.  With the band taking a back seat for the past few months, I spoke to key member Joel Stone about their burgeoning DJ career, their past, and future plans.  Joel has also been kind enough to supply us with an excellent mix that is well worth checking out.

For those that don’t know, how did Shitdisco start out?

It came from the original parties (called Shitdisco) where we supplied the music, like an in-house band, and refused to play anywhere else because that’s all we wanted to be. It took a while for the transition to playing our own gigs. That all happened after supporting the Klaxons on their first tour.

What have been your best club experiences?

The original parties up in Glasgow were probably the best, before the smoking ban ruined the atmosphere.  They where like, anything goes and we sort had free reign. On the MSTRKFT tour it was great to be playing in venues where people could smoke.

Do you find yourself playing abroad a lot?

The band has built up a following abroad so we DJ a lot there. We played a venue in Bangkok recently, which was full of lady-boys! That was incredible. We just played loads of arpegiated disco tracks and electro bangers and it really went off.  I just wish we had the Crookers remix of “we are prostitutes…”

How would you describe your DJ style?

Our style is across the board, but it’s all electronic stuff. We also do our own edits. At the moment we have one of “set you free” which is getting a great response.

Lastly, I hear the band is planning to record soon?

Yeah, the new material is very different. We have been using computers to write, whereas before it was just the band jamming. They are demos at the moment, but we are taking them into the studio this month to record.  We’ve got a few people that we want to mix the new tracks but who haven’t confirmed, so we will be waiting to see what happens.

Joel’s Top Tracks:

ACslater – Banger

ACDC Thunder Struck Crookers remix

SHITDISCO set off on a U.S. tour this month! for more info check out:

Now check this out:

TVBOMB is bristling with exquisite pride at this its latest offering to you, our beloved public, our lusty lake of delicious devils, rife about the feet ‘n’ ankles with the serpents of neon-tinted dancing smoke: Behold!

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