Tony Law is a comedian renowned for the surreal material and delivery he’s brought to a career lasting over 30 years. He is a three-time Chortle Award winner, Amused
Moose Best Show winner and Edinburgh Comedy Award
nominee. As well as his stand-up he has written extensively for shows such as Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Have I Got News For You and The Infinite Monkey Cage. We spoke to him about his new Fringe show ‘A Now Begin In Again’.

How have the last few years been for you?

Terrible and really good. Quite terrible for a bit. Bit of death etc. Now? Looking better.

Can you tell us about ‘A Now Begin In Again’?

Ain’t been to festival for a while so it’s stuff from last 2 years. A lot of it about the last couple years. And a lot of stupid stuff. Some basic absurd STOOPID fun shouting and nonsense. From a good place I hope. It’ll be a shambles.

You’re known for your surreal material and ‘some very strong opinions on things that don’t matter’. How do you wring the humour from mundane things, and is there ever any material you leave out for being too off the wall?

I’ll do anything that makes me laugh or my wife or kids laugh. I’d like to do some therapeutic stuff about my mum dying with dementia right during lockdown and how that messes with your soul. But. I won’t do that. I’ve no insight.

You’re back in the Monkey Barrel in an early afternoon slot as you were in previous Augusts. What appeals to you about the Monkey Barrel as a venue and performing early in the day when many performers would clamour for an evening position?

I like to get it out of the way. Otherwise I’m nervy and distant all day. Also, I think people are at their best at noon. I like to start people’s days so they think of me all day and tell other people to come the next day. Wait. That works whenever you go. Uhm. My first answer.

We’re speaking to a lot of acts bringing their debut shows this year. What advice would you give to anyone doing their first full Fringe?

Oh Geeze. Uhm. It’s been so very very long. I guess No. I don’t know nothing snout that.

Have you had any really memorable Fringe experiences, good or bad, either as performer or as an audience member?

Errrrrrrrr. Yes.

Are there any other acts at the Fringe that you would recommend audiences should see?

I haven’t had a look yet. I’ll tell you when I’m up there. I think go see anyone you don’t think has independent wealth. Go see acts who need it to pay. Might be hard working that out though.

A Now Begin In Again’ runs from Wed 3 – Sun 28 Aug 2022 (except Thu 11 & Tue 16) at Monkey Barrel 3 @12:00.