“The nights are fair drawin’ in, ken?” is a phrase you’ve likely heard enough times over the last week to make you want to hibernate until March. But think of all the sweet gigs you’ll miss! It’s always dark, but importantly warm and dry in the venues we try sending you to…

Wu Tang Clan’s soulful storyteller GhostFace Killah swarms into the Liquid Room on Wednesday night, on the back of last year’s ‘Apollo Kids’.

Easily the most consistent vehicle of solo material from The Wu, Ghostface has managed to keep a level of critical acclaim without relying on ‘mixtape’ compilations or half-hearted collaborations.

At the same time, much like Clan member Raekwon‘s Liquid Room set back in March, expect a spread of Wu classics to puncuate a set of “real hip hop” in a venue with a vibe to do it justice.

Doors 1900 | Over 14s | Tickets £14

More music in Edinburgh across from New York, but in from a very different musical boat. Long Island’s Twin Sister finally, after years of treating us to sweet 7″s and even sweeter EPs, delivered their debut LP “In Heaven”.

The full release has seen the five-piece tighten down their plucky, cushioned indie-pop sound around the distinctive keyboard and bass tandem swooning in the background of EPs ‘Vampires With Dreaming Kids’ and ‘Color Your Life’.

The album cuts of ‘Bad Street’ and ‘Gene Ciampi’ have enough unique sheen to be standout works in the sunshine-pop scene, whilst ‘Luna’s Theme’ and the closer ‘Eastern Green’ showcase their distraught and epic sounds in equal measure.

And to be honest, the clear David Lynch Twin Peaks/Erasurehead connection and the guitarist being ALMOST called Eric Cantona (er, Cardona) is a fair motivation to get down

Doors 1900 | Over 18s | Tickets £8

There’s very little to say about Billy Bragg that hasn’t been re-used and re-cycled already, but with every week spent entrenched in the crumbling economy and unsympathetic government his songs are as poignant as ever.

His upcoming show at The Queens Hall on Sunday comes under the ‘Left Field In Motion’ tour, aiming to showcase what his stewardship of the flagship spot political corner at Glastonbury can bring to the table.

We’re not going to go off on a clichéd X-Factor/Ballot Box rant about the audience the shows are trying to connect with, but draw a few furious circles under the support outfit, London’s Sound Of Rum.

With a refreshing crush of Rapcore, Grime and dark elements of R’N’B into debut album ‘Balance’. An outfit clearly intent on keeping their audience on it’s toes, whether through MC Kate Tempes lyrical venom or the genre swingometer of guitar/drums combo backing her.

The majority of attendees will easily be in force for Bragg, but with the aim of the tour and age of his original fanbase with their sprogs in tow! Although an all ages gig, recent setlists would indicate reward will come from the 25 year old classic LP Talking with the Taxman About Poetry.

Doors 1900 | All Ages | Tickets £13