The ghosts and ghouls may have returned to the nether realm from whence they came, but there’s no shortage of irreverent talent making its merry way to our unsuspecting corner of the world this November. Here’s a look at the goings-on in Glasgow and Edinburgh:

Perfume Genius @ The Art School, Glasgow, 2nd November

Almost immediately after Mike Hadreas’ latest release No Shape dropped in early May, year-end lists everywhere were surely adjusted to include its art pop opulence. Expect a lavish live performance from his return to Scotland.

Wire @ The Mash House, Edinburgh, 6th November

London’s post-punk legends Wire have been pushing their break-neck speed punk to the outer limits for over 40 years by now, and their sixteenth release Silver/Lead shows they’re not slowing down just yet.

Mount Eerie @ Saint Luke’s, 16th November

Phil Elverum brings his woodland meditations to Scotland this month, and the sombre church venue of Saint Luke’s couldn’t be more fitting. If you can’t catch Mount Eerie in a forest clearing, catch them here.

Alternative Peers Ball @ Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, 25th November

In 1822, Sir Walter Scott presented the prestigious Peers Ball in celebration of King George IV’s visit to Edinburgh. The event is thought to have been pivotal in repealing the ban on tartan. Today, the Alternative Peers Ball re-imagines this notable bit of Scottish history with music from the likes of Django Django, Meursault, and Siobhan Wilson.

faUSt @ Òran Mór, Glasgow, 28th November

It’s difficult to say what you might expect from a faUSt gig. The maniacal “krautrockers” have been known to improvise with cement mixers and defy health and safety standards by using power tools just get the right sound. Bring a decent pair of ear plugs – and a hard hat.