The Old Fruitmarket is an ideal venue for Adrianne Lenker’s current show: ambient, intimate in nature and brimming with pre-emptive nostalgia; perfect for Lenker’s vulnerable lyricism and artistic talent.

With the first pluck of guitar, as ‘symbol’ begins, a first aid check is required. Barely onstage for thirty seconds and somebody was already unwell. At this point I knew that this show would shatter me, and with the continuation of ‘symbol’ I began the journey through hopefulness and heartbreak which is integral to her brilliant new album, Bright Future.

Thanks to the collectively observed silence, the room echoed as Lenker’s amiable, powerful voice dominated the room. At a vulnerable moment of melancholy, Lenker played one of my favourite Big Thief songs ‘Simulation Swarm’ and I knew that my life had peaked. It was so soothing to hear this live and to know that she is a real person and not a mystical being I have idolised; even though her voice is that of an angel that has the capacity to enforce calmness and solitude.

Playing a mix of tracks from her various records, supporting act and collaborator Nick Hakim joined Lenker onstage during ‘Already Lost’. The collaboration of two mesmerising voices reinforced this calmness that made me feel as though I was floating; yet at the same time I was grounded with gratitude for Lenker’s life-changing artistry and lyricism.

Her authenticity is what made for such a profound performance, the vulnerability in her lyrics connect her to her fans in a way unheard of. Her kind nature and conversation with the audience combined with her sensitivity and reverence create such a communal feeling for the two hours we had in her company.

‘Anything’, ‘Real House’ and ‘Vampire Empire’ are my top three of the night, mostly due to the complete shock I was in that I actually heard these live, but also for the individuality Lenker injects in each song. Though I have listened to all three on repeat for hours on end, they still felt new and fresh, echoing around The Old Fruitmarket.

The honesty in song-writing made the gig feel so special, and Lenker even let us hear an unreleased song – ‘Before You’ – which was an emotional freefall, exhibiting her earnest tendency to express her thoughts without fear. To see and hear Lenker’s brilliance was truly an unforgettable experience.