If you have ever watched a magic act and thought that it needed more fire, adult humour, and genitals, then Adults Only Magic Show ticks all of your boxes. The latest offering from Showman Productions is best enjoyed as a boozy, rollicking party that happens to include some tricks. If you come in looking for a daring magic show that leaves a drunken audience reveling in hysterics, then there is nowhere better to go this Fringe.

Sam and Justin – joined by playmate Magnus D. Magnus, who looks as if Hugh Jackman from The Prestige was a porn star – unleash seriously impressive trickery upon the crowd. Throughout the crass jokes and blundering about half (or totally) naked, the tricks themselves demonstrate a sensational talent for their craft. Many of the acts are so ridiculous that it is easy to forget the sheer amount of work that must go into each one. Others creep up on you, and you don’t realise it is a trick at all until after it has happened. All of them go down an absolute storm. The naughty jokes are just a bonus.

Amidst the laughs you will be left in disbelief at how these things are apparently possible, the closing act in particular proving to be arguably the most impressive display of their abilities. Audience participation in their tricks works a treat, with each volunteer’s disbelief generously adding to the fun factor. Giving out drinks vouchers may be a lowbrow way of bribing participants on to the stage, but it really works.

Adults Only Magic Show is ultimate proof that laughter is infectious. It only takes one person to crack up at the latest silly gag, and suddenly the whole room joins in. At times the participation of some audience members (some planned, some not) almost steals the show – you don’t perform to a rowdy Scottish crowd unless you are ready for some quality heckling. But Sam and Justin, with their big personalities and natural showmanship, suck it all in with heart and humour. This is two talented magicians absolutely in their element, and it is a dirty pleasure to watch them go about their business.