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James Hanton


James is a contributor to The Wee Review, Outtake Mag and Starburst Magazine UK. He is also the former Editor-in-Chief of The Student, the oldest student newspaper in the UK. A recent graduate from the University of Edinburgh, James is looking for paid writing gigs so he doesn't fall into the endless abyss of graduate unemployment. he can be contacted at:

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Banshee Labyrinth

Becquer’s Legends

A polished, creepy storytelling experience put on by a talented group of performers – ideal for Halloween

Planet Bar

Miss DQ Live!

A fun, colourful and celebratory hour of fun from the UK’s only dwarf drag queen, the delectable Miss DQ

Pleasance Cabaret Bar


A witty, intelligent and unmissable satire of the movie industry starring a clever storyline and two outstanding performances

Scottish Storytelling Centre


An unbelievable, seismic performance that brings together comedy, drama, and some outstanding musical talent for an outstanding combination

Screen 9
Pleasance at EICC

Screen 9

An essential, unmissable deep dive into trauma and how we come together to try and heal from unbearable moments of tragedy

Counteminers Radio 69
theSpace @ Symposium Hall

Radio 69

A clever, tense and unbelievably funny play that perfects satire, balancing comedy and drama in the best possible way

theSpace @ Surgeon's Hall

Absolutely Burlesque

A predictably accomplished night of burlesque featuring an ensemble of talented, charismatic dancers doing what they do best

theSpace Triplex


A wonderfully camp, energetic and moving hour of music and comedy, featuring an absolute tornado of a cabaret star


Funbox: Back to the Fringe

A joyous, sing-a-long hour of theatre that sees some of the most experienced figures in children’s entertainment work their magic

theSpace Triplex

Moonlight on Leith

A finely tuned and loving ode to the vibrant community of Leith, brought to life by a talented cast of graduates

Fear of Roses Amy Gilbrook and Dominka Ucar
Assembly Roxy

Fear of Roses

A slick, tense and intelligent crime thriller that might just leave you wanting to get one up on your manipulative boss

Edinburgh Park

Neu! Reekie!

A crowd-pleasing, deeply impressive evening of poetry and music that showcases some of the Scotland’s best talent

Little Shop Of Horrors
George Watson's College

Little Shop of Horrors

Brilliantly performed, with equal measures of wit and style, Little Shop of Horrors defies expectations to offer a thunderously good time

Double Drop

Double Drop

Affectionate and nostalgic, Double Drop blends rave culture and Welsh druids in a way you wouldn’t expect to be possible


Shiva’s Camino

An eclectic, passionate reminder of how dance unifies people across the world, blending different styles to wonderful effect

Edinburgh Park

Kathryn Joseph

A magical show of high musical quality, Kathryn Joseph is a master at crafting stunning musical landscapes

Roald Dahl's The Twits
Pleasance Courtyard

Roald Dahl’s The Twits

John Kirk’s take on Roald Dahl’s story makes up for a lack of invention with a playful, interactive performance