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James Hanton


James is a contributor to The Wee Review, Outtake Mag and Starburst Magazine UK. He is also the former Editor-in-Chief of The Student, the oldest student newspaper in the UK. A recent graduate from the University of Edinburgh, James is looking for paid writing gigs so he doesn't fall into the endless abyss of graduate unemployment. he can be contacted at:

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Grant Buse
Gilded Balloon @ Patter Hoose

Grant Busé: Touché Busé

Brimming with bravado and sharp humour, Busé effortlessly wins over the crowd with his comedy masterclass


A powerful, shocking and imaginative retelling of Macbeth and the dangers of over-ambition

Myra Dubois
Underbelly Bristo Square

Myra DuBois: Dead Funny

A class act in every sense, DuBois’ debauchery will have you laughing for days after you have been graced with her presence

Underbelly Bristo Square

Sasha Ellen: Pickle

A likeable show that doesn’t surprise but leaves you with plenty of smiles

Assembly Rooms


A magnificent, magical circus display with an incredible soundtrack and a look to die for

Gilded Balloon Teviot

Princess Party

Funny antics are overshadowed by a weak, confusing story