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James Hanton


James is a contributor to The Wee Review, Outtake Mag and Starburst Magazine UK. He is also the former Editor-in-Chief of The Student, the oldest student newspaper in the UK. A recent graduate from the University of Edinburgh, James is looking for paid writing gigs so he doesn't fall into the endless abyss of graduate unemployment. he can be contacted at:

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Isabelle Farah Ellipsis
Assembly Roxy

Isabelle Farah: Ellipsis

A moving, honest show that blends a deeply personal account with canny observations and a great sense of humour


SpaceXPat [ONLINE]

A tense, provoking dystopian story performed with class by actors who really bring the story to life


Crunch [ONLINE]

Slightly muddled, but nonetheless a visually impressive and wonderful short solo act


Readymade Cabaret 2.0 [ONLINE]

An initially confusing but eventually engaging theatrical inspection of philosophy and science, draped in avant-garde style

Kneehigh [via YouTube]

The Neon Shadow [ONLINE]

A haunting, dystopian vision of isolation and the desperate need to feel close to others


Frills in Lockdown

A glamorous, packed show of performers who give their all in this amateur burlesque extravaganza



A fascinating, personal exploration of mental states and isolation betrayed by its sub-par technical strokes

Glasgow Festival of Burlesque [ONLINE]

Viva GlasVegas

A talented showcase of burlesque that does its best to fill the Fringe void

Slay At Home [via Zoom]

Slay at Home: June Edition

A red hot, glamorous and passionate variety display that treats you to outstanding cabaret in the name of a good cause