Note: This review is from the 2023 Fringe

A relatively new circus company making their Fringe debut, Revel Puck Circus are formed of numerous emerging talents from East London’s circus scene. Aiming to make circus accessible for all, they have tasked themselves with redefining how the public views what circus performers do. Yet to do so, they firmly lean into some of the circus’ classic appeal, starting from when the crowd enters the tent to the smell of freshly made candy floss and popcorn (which is for sale). The Wing Scuffle Spectacular is a show that has some rough edges but nonetheless is almost assured big top entertainment.

Revel Puck Circus is a collaborative project, and the unity between the performers consistently shines through. Their chemistry, energy, and stunning abilities are always on display. Their floorwork is especially impressive, flipping and tumbling their way through numerous acts and never letting up on their enthusiasm. Rope work, hoops, and even a rogue chainsaw tear up proceedings, while the clown’s ongoing torment at the hands of a plushie lion is the comedic highlight (and a welcome nod to circus’ history). 

What the show lacks however, compared to other big top productions, is pace. Scene and equipment changes happen as quickly as possible but there is little to occupy your attention in the meantime. As a result, the show can feel quite stop-and-start; some distractions for the audience could have made the transitions feel more seamless. Certain acts lack musical accompaniment where it could have heightened the tension, and there are one too many stumbles on bigger pieces of kit to go unnoticed. That being said, some deliberate falls are played to good effect and get some of the biggest cheers.

The young cast, especially those who storm their way through solo performances and another who steps in at the last minute to cover an injury, deserve praise. They are stars of today and with further shows in years to come could become the icons of tomorrow. The show may lack the overall refinement of established acts but, as they themselves rightly say, the Fringe is about discovering the undiscovered. A golden slice of entertainment for the whole family, the name Revel Puck Circus will be on the lips of festival goers for years to come.