Fine dining @HOME is our new favourite pastime. Pairing wonderfully with old friends alcoholism and sheer greed, it feels as if what you’ve actually made for dinner is a reservation. Our latest discovery is Bad Seeds: a collaboration between two brilliant Edinburgh chefs that’s utterly stunning.


Boasting excellent credentials – Tomas Gormley is Head Chef at the Lookout on Calton Hill, and Sam Yorke a sous chef for the Kitchin Group – we’re loving the creativity these lovely, talented men are literally bringing to the table.

Each week they’re devising a brand new menu that’s incredibly simple to follow. Especially for those of us who are instead popping open a bottle of wine, and watching Isaac do all the hard work.


Once everything’s in place: Stunning table setting ✅ Mood music + ambient lighting ✅ Outfits that are beyond fabulous ✅ And a fridge full of wine ✅ The Social Bitches are finally ready to fine dine!

Though first, can we just say: how much we adore the packaging. Not only does Bad Seeds boast excellent branding, but with each course, every ingredient so well laid out and labelled, nothing is left to chance. [ Isaac says THANK YOU btw ]


There’s even an accompanying playlist, featuring the Beastie Boys, plus a packet of seeds – a blend of Scottish wildflowers – for you to scatter in the garden. A really nice touch, and we love that the messaging is 100% on point.

Anyhoo, we begin our banquet with a glass of bubbles in hand, and a rather playful Venison sausage roll in the other. Rich in flavour, a little gamey, and the pastry wonderfully soft thanks to a generous amount of butter.


It’s a gorgeous start. Especially once dipped in the spicy brown sauce, which is both amusing and delicious. Respect!

Appetite whetted, we’re genuinely excited to pull from the oven the Breaded Scottish Lamb, times two. Soon they’re sitting atop finely shredded kolrhabi  [ that’s wild cabbage bitches ]  and meat radish. They’re also joined by a vibrant green, wild garlic sauce. 


A mouthful later, we can confirm this heavenly creation is absolutely superb!! We’re loving the Asian influence, from the fresh burst of slaw, to the soft, delicate and sensuous crunch of the breadcrumbs.

But the real star here is the Scottish lamb: incredibly tender, and surrounded by a beautiful, meaty gravy. Add to that the intensity of the wild garlic mayo, and this is pleasure unadulterated.


It’s soon followed  – despite Isaac’s lax adherence to timings – by a much lighter touch, a wonderfully refreshing Steamed cod with coco beans, fennel & pepper dulse [ that’s seaweed FYI ] Perfectly fresh & perfectly cooked, our tastebuds are a-tingle.

The sides only add to the excitement. A vibrant Bulgar salad with pomegranate, parsley & shallot, and the absolute joy that is Heritage carrots with goat’s curd & brown butter crumb. It’s definitely a moreish dish with main course potential.


And finally, ensuring this exquisite and surprising meal ends on an indulgent high, comes the Coffee & Cardamom layered brownie.

Oh MY GOD! We’ve had some pretty amazing brownies in our time, but this is one of the richest, most chocolatey, throughly moist ones EVER. Bravo!


While our night [ read: excessive drinking ] is far from over, sadly our four courses of fine dining have come to an end. Our verdict: Bad Seeds really does have it all, novelty, originality, and above all, fabulous flavours. Tomas & Sam we LOVE your work!

In a nutshell:

Perfect for:

Four courses £38 per person