Be at peace all ye who rock. The ladies have it covered; rock and roll lives on.

In the same week Liam Gallagher sells out his Oasis tribute mega gigs, the real stuff is happening in Glasgow’s east end with London rockers, Black Honey.
Following the garage power of Brighton duo Arxx and the streetwise indie pop of Manchester’s Phoebe Green it’s time to turn the dial up to 10.

Launching straight into the fuzz blues of I Like The Way You Die, album opener on new record Written and Directed, the pixie-like Izzy B. Phillips is all sneers and stomps. She is backed by her band, Chris Ostler (guitars and synths), Tommy Taylor (bass) and Alex Woodward (drums).

The set proceeds to rollick through the group’s two albums with more radio friendly riffs (Madonna), upbeat pop (Fire), fist-in-the air anthems (Believer) and even a touch of sultry surf rock (Run for Cover).

It’s not every gig you hear a crowd en masse chanting about tattie scones but when in Glasgow… Ms. Phillips is delighted and duly rouses her audience into a frenzy before launching into latest single and solid gold earworm Back of the Bar. Being able to switch easily between classic rock, glam, indie and pop is impressive. Phillips is a charismatic leader, getting in among the crowd, playing up the usual “Glasgow is mental” patter and generally inviting her willing fans to forget themselves for an hour.

And while the singer does most of the heavy lifting with the crowd, the band are equally as frenetic on stage. This isn’t just the star and her band; like most top bands this is a gang. Ostler providing killer guitar/synth hooks on the likes of Summer ‘92 and Only Hurt The Ones I Love, while the floors of St. Luke’s rumble to Taylor’s bass on Disinfect.

Gigs are back and how life affirming to once again enjoy the waft of Red Stripe and sweat fill the air as kids go mad for their favourite band. Black Honey are a band on the rise and having already pressed the flesh with pals and natural predecessors Wolf Alice, they are making the right moves. Tonight we are in the Winged Ox, which is fitting as this band gets set to take flight.