BRONCHO’s new album is a look at the dark aspects of today’s society that seemingly reward bad behaviour from everyone. Beyond that, it’s also an incredibly catchy collection of tracks that makes for a real good time.

All the tracks have a really strong beat that almost guarantees movement from listeners. All Choked Up opens the album with a staccato rhythm to it that links with the title. When the guitar solo comes in, it’s like a flowing relief from the stop/start feel of the drums. This flowing nature continues into Weekend which again is incredibly catchy thanks to its repeating drums and guitar backing. The guitars feature a chorus effect which along with lead singer Ryan Lindsey’s vocals creates a very ethereal sound.

Lindsey’s high pitched voice always works incredibly well with the rest of the band. It’s noticeable how well the group gels together. Every track is like an envelope of sound that comfortably wraps the listener up. A good example is Undercover with its catchy guitars that bounce notes around with a soothing, woozy rhythm.

Throughout the album, Lindsey’s vocals sound great, but if listeners can break out of the trance the album induces, the lyrics can be quite amusing. Lines like “I got a thing for your mother / I got a thing to teach your father” on Family Values highlight both Lindsey and the band’s playful attitude towards bad behaviour.

The band have a fairly strong lo-fi sound but each track is still quite distinct. There’s a bit of a New Wave sound in there as well. The album manages to be both relaxing and physically moving, like sitting back in a car with the windows down on a nice sunny day.