Chiara Berardelli is launching her new album, Seamonster, tonight before a planned nationwide tour later in the year. Her album has been inspired her real heartbreak after finding out her dream of motherhood can’t happen. Through her music, Chiara explores personal tragedy in a refreshingly honest and universal way that, rather than depress the audience, speaks of hope and endurance.

Arriving to an already packed out room, newcomers find spare chairs and make friends with strangers, adding to the convivial and intimate atmosphere of the Speakeasy at the Voodoo Rooms. The evening starts with support from Amy Duncan. Her haunting, ethereal voice adds a joyous tone to lyrics that convey a darker subject matter.

As Chiara Berardelli sets up on stage with her band, the room fills up even more. Addressing the crowd between each song, Chiara keeps the mood light in contrast to the intense themes of her songs. The highlight of her set is Deep Space Hibernation, inspired by the Rosetta rover. Listening to this song you could be on comet with Rosetta, taking time out, as Chiara explores the mixed emotions of grief, pain and loss. 

Showing the diversity of Chiara’s talent as a singer/songwriter, another highlight from the album is Best Friend. This folky americana song really catches the crowd with toes tapping, hands clapping, dancing and even some singing along. Wrapping up her set with two bright and hopeful songs, The Best is Yet to Come and Set Yourself Free, she leaves the audience feeling positive and wanting more.