Self-professed music snob Ivo Graham brings a limited run of dance nights to the Edinburgh Fringe, framed as a battle among comedians-turned-DJs for the evening.

Comedians’ DJ Battles pits comedians (and even MPs, as on 11 August) against each other in pairs through a set theme, allotted by the host Graham. The comedians’ three picks play, turn by turn, as the attendees dance and enjoy watching the night’s DJs on stage. ‘DJ’ is a stretch – there is no turntable or mixing. Their picks play in their full lengths from a laptop. Nonetheless, it’s fun to see familiar faces from Fringe stages and the TV tease and hype up each other. Some of the comedians featured on 11 August were Nish Kumar, Ed Gamble, Alison Spittle, Rosie Jones, Sikisa, Adam Flood and Will Hall, and will change every event.

Since the DJs are comedians, the night wouldn’t be complete without them generating laughs through their antics. In what other context would you witness Alison Spittle in ‘Shrek Slut’ cosplay or Rosie Jones (jokingly) tackle Nish Kumar on stage as Ed Gamble plucks out his phone to capture it for posterity?

Equipped with a bar and ample dancing space, Comedians’ DJ Battles is an entertaining late-night event to end long Fringe days with, especially for groups.

Comedians’ DJ Battles will next be on Sun 20 and Sun 27 Aug 2023 at Assembly George Square Studios – Underground at 23.30.