A sell-out show since 2019, Hot Clown Sex looks in awe at all the messiest, funniest things about sex and then sends in the clowns to work their magic. Needless to say, it will not be for everyone, and you may find yourself recoiling at times when they dare you to be part of the show. If you are on board however, then if anything you will be left longing for more, as it turns out that the taste of clown sex proves far too sweet to enjoy in small doses.

The Hot Clown Company present an exploration of sex and sexuality that is delightfully strange. One scene has a coil bludgeoning a sperm to death, while another features a rendition of  ‘Let It Be’ that will be difficult to forget any time soon. Hot Clown Sex doesn’t try to do anything much with its subject matter other than use it as the basis for farce and comedy, and it really works. This is the kind of weird, giggle-inducing entertainment that burrows deep into the late slots of the Fringe and refuses to leave, a reality worth celebrating. 

If anything, and for those who want it to be, Hot Clown Sex could go even more outlandish, and those hoping for a really daring clown show might be a little disappointed. Singing about bodily fluids? Break out the supersoakers. Holding onto a giant inflatable body part? Let the audience whack it around like a beach ball above their heads. Although not in the biggest venue, Hot Clown Sex could try to push the envelope by making more expansive and interactive use of its space. What audience participation there is is sensationally funny, so any more if it would be very welcome.

Hot Clown Sex features some incredibly talented absurdists and actors who let loose in the name of smutty, laugh-ridden entertainment. They manage this and then some, and if anything prove to be a bit more restrained than they could be. It isn’t a show for the faint-hearted, and if you like what you see then you will be longing for more in every possible way.