For fans of true crime podcasts, sorry, this show does not provide step-by-step instructions on how to dispose of a body in New York City. Instead, How to Hide a Body in New York by SisterWives Sketch Comedy provides a tight 45 minutes of fresh scenes that range from quick absurd scenarios with unexpected punchlines to more delicately built parodies of ubiquitous pop-culture themes.

If you’ve ever watched television in America, then you’ll know that lawyers will try to sell their services for anything in a thirty second advertisement. This five person sketch group bookend their show with a tragically realistic lampooning of a law firm providing the macabre service of discretely disposing a body in New York.  In between this skit, they pepper in an eclectic mix of sketch comedy that utilises a simple set, with limited props, relying instead on their strong character acting ability to create a variety of scenes.

The group provides a unique brand of humour, allowing them to provide the audience with a wider experience. The scenes focus on everyday life, such as celebrity endorsed commercials, sitting on the middle isle of airplanes and riding in an Uber. Most impressive, is a scene that perfectly melds workplace dating with the relationship between Dr. Frankenstein and Eyegore, which perhaps could be an hour long show in itself.

The freshness is the most pleasing aspect of the troupe’s performance. They do not use any hack jokes that seem to permeate through many comedians. Thankfully, there was no easy laughs provided by going after Trump, Brexit, veganism, or plastic straws. The performers work very hard for each laugh, building up odd situations and tension, and then delivering their conclusion. As odd as it sounds, this show takes some gumption, as this brand of humour will not always land with wider audiences. However, the group has the writing and acting combination that creates situations that feel relatable, whilst also completely ridiculous, which culminate in quintessential sketch comedy.