@Underbelly, Edinburgh, until Sun 30 Aug 2015, at 18:05

Have you ever wanted to change who you are? Previous IdeasTap winners Antler return with their new show, directed by Jasmine Woodcock-Stewart, If I Were Me: an energetic office party performance about the invisible Phillip Sandford, who doesn’t want to be himself anymore.

Phillip (Nasi Voutas) is a socially awkward copywriter in an advertising agency, whose potted daffodil is dying, whilst everyone else’s is effortlessly in full bloom. Person (Merce Ribot), who although isn’t meant to be anybody, comes across as a future version of Phillip, looking back on himself with literal binoculars trying to make amends via song and dance motivating him to be better. More could have been done with this idea of ‘if i knew then what I know now’, but they have a good basis for a play nonetheless.

As Trevor Rovert (Daniel Foxsmith) throws tennis balls at the audience telling us to “Distinctify” (not actually a real word) it’s as if we’ve come to see a motivational speaker, to help us find out who we are. He tries to make us delve deep into our childhood, remembering our first mistakes, the bad decisions we made; but there wasn’t enough to make us leave the show with deep regret or with an epiphany to change our lives.

Voutas plays a perfectly sweet and endearing Phillip. Daniela Pasquini gives two great performances as very opposite characters Hannah and Paola. A highly energetic cast of four manage to work in synchronisation alongside numerous cut out dancing Phillips. It’s an entertaining show, but requires more depth, because what does it all really mean?