Note: This review is from the 2019 Fringe

This production opens and within a short space of time endears the protagonist to the audience. Diane is a rabbit, and all she wants to do is, well, have sex. But she doesn’t want to end up with ‘a litter’. So separation of vegetation must be done. And of course, as in humans, the responsibility falls to the female of the species. What follows is a hilarious take on one of the most stark issues in the lives of modern women – being prisoners of the pill.

Claire Parrywho plays Diane, delivers a fantastic performance. She is, of course, asked to take celery for the rest of her life should she wish to avoid a litter. This she does dutifully, putting up with the umpteen ‘side benefits’. Her uncontrollable hand slapping is hilarious, her distaste and anger at being in this situation even more so, and when she meets Gary the ‘handsome hare’, things don’t exactly go to plan. Parry is energetic and unstoppable. Other characters appear, some as recorded voices, to give sage advice (not) and others as, well, hares.

As a clown act, this show achieves what it sets out to. It brings to life a whole host of problems surrounding modern day contraception. It lays bare how women continue to be unheard by heathcare professionals. And finally, it highlights the stark imbalance in the sharing of responsibility with male partners. All this, the production does through a light-hearted little bunny prancing around the stage.

This is very much a show with specific appeal to women. Those who have been on any type of hormone-altering medication will instantly identify with Diane’s hyper behaviour, mood swings, and changes in personality. But this is the Fringe, and one can see how men will end up seeing this too. While the show wraps up in comic positivity and the promise to end world hunger (yes, alongside contraception responsibility), it is impactful to raise the profile of a pertinent issue.