With many teachers leaving due to poor working conditions, government interference and tighter budgets, Jack Harris is here to train up the next generation of teachers… or just have you laughing for an hour!

Set up as a teacher training course Teaching Teachers How to Teach brings together a host of witty observations and insightful commentary on the state of politics and its interference with education. Switching between PowerPoint, props, audience participation and straight standup Harris keeps up a stream of laughter as he passes on his top tips for classroom survival.

The rhythm and structure of the show works especially well, Jack uses the PowerPoint to great effect and it helps to maintain a brilliant pace that keeps the audience engaged and laughing. There are callbacks and running jokes throughout that are beautifully timed and well delivered, with only a few parts not hitting the mark. However, it was the series of teacher’s tools that particularly tickled me, though I would genuinely wear the stationary utility belt – after all, who hasn’t wondered how teachers keep an eye on their classes while writing on the board?

While this show is very accessible for people who don’t work in schools there are still many parts that those in the classroom will appreciate that little bit more. From the dangers of ever turning your back, to the scale of hands up for questions, to the dangers of asking children for wordplay these moments tell of the strange world working with school children. Some of the issues touched upon are only relevant to the English and Welsh education system but that is to be expected and most reflect the universal absurdities of education!

Secondary school physics’ loss is our gain as Harris delivers this fast-paced show that might not have you fully trained as a teacher but will definitely have you laughing. The comedy is clever and well delivered, while also highlighting some of the important issues facing schools these days.