Hailing from the famously garrulous shores of Glasgow, Jay Lafferty has been a talkative sort ever since she was a babe in arms – in fact, she confesses rather proudly that she was capable of stringing a whole sentence together before even taking her first steps. For this hour-long show, we’re treated to an intimate portrayal of Lafferty’s infectiously chatty persona up close and personal, as she takes us on a meandering journey through her life, both then and now.

She gets the ball rolling by slipping effortlessly into her bread-and-butter as a comedy night compere. This consists of surveying the geographical diaspora of the audience and exchanging jovial pleasantries (as well as a few cheeky unpleasantries) with several members, but despite her warning that she “won’t be nice”, Lafferty is a kitten throughout. It’s easy to see why she earns her money as a host – her easy banter and disarming manner, as well as the Scottish knack of knowing how to swear with aplomb, makes her an immediate favourite with the crowd.

After thawing us out suitably, Lafferty then moves onto the meat of the show – the futility of trying to get a bit of wheesht in the modern-day world. Whether it’s the infuriating DJs on the number 26 bus or the constant clamour of unsolicited opinions on social media, Lafferty reckons society is a bit on the noisy side. Not that she plans on leading by example – she also regales us with plenty of tales of when her own big mouth has got her into hot water on a number of occasions.

Whether anecdotalising or analysing, Lafferty remains bright and breezy at all times, maintaining a momentum that only dips slightly at the closing story, which concerns the one time she learned to hold her tongue for maximum effect. After the feverish chatter of the preceding 55 minutes, it’s a slight anti-climax and all in, the show is more rib-tickling than side-splitting. Nonetheless, it’s certainly a great chinwag between what, at its close, feels more like old friends than paying punters, which is a huge credit to Lafferty’s effortless charm.