Jenny Bede brings her brand of witty musical comedy back to the Fringe with a show centred around a truly unique experience – during the pandemic Bede became… The First Pregnant Woman in the World. Over the course of the show we are treated to the comedian’s ‘journey’ to motherhood through the medium of music and funny anecdotes. 

Bede’s self-aware and self-deprecating comedic style has delighted audiences for years and her swipes at pregnancy and motherhood charm the audience. She knows that despite her struggles around pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, she is a white, able-bodied woman and is aware of the privilege this affords her. The songs are good and catchy but perhaps not as memorable as in previous shows. The show has a great pace and Bede always gives off a great energy, ably filling the venue with her enthusiastic singing and ‘mum dancing.’

The true highlight is the song, I’m Only Angry When which features things like the unavailability of McMuffins past breakfast time but also the sacrifices many made during lockdown, such as giving birth without your partner there while politicians were partying up a storm behind closed doors. This section has the audience fully on board, cheering every line. Sadly, not all the songs hit the same high notes with the crowd. 

A mixture of comedy about an experience that is far from unique and some biting social commentary thrown in for good measure, Bede has a good show on her hands. It may not be one for the ages but it’s still a great effort from this talented musical performer.