Andy Murray, Jimmy Carr, Prince Harry and a whole host of other stars join the fun as Josh Berry steals the voices of the rich and famous, impressing with a wide variety of impressions.

Berry admits to using the voices he steals to cope with some of the more difficult situations in his life which he feels too embarrassed and shy to open up about. He channels Daniel Radcliffe to try and get a date, for example, and Love Island ‘voiceover guy’ and fellow comedian, Iain Stirling, to cope with his break-up. It is a loose thread but gives the show some purpose although he is arguably at his funniest during his Louis Theroux impressions where he interrogates an unsuspecting member of the public putting them in increasingly awkward positions.

There are some voices which are still a work in progress and Berry gives the audience a tantalising look into how an impression might start to be formed, one celebrity only able at this stage to say the alphabet in three quite specific scenarios but it is commendable that he is happy to share this early work with the audience.

Some impressions are fully formed, however, and are nailed on. If you were to shut your eyes you would swear that Jon McEnroe or Kevin Bridges were actually in the room. It is here that the young impressionist and comedian excels. His stand-up, however, lacks the laugh-out-loud quality a Fringe audience is looking for and could do with more punch and a bit more planning. Regardless, this is a solid debut.