Ten days ago Michael McIntyre was in the headlines following an attack in London by thugs on mopeds which resulted in the loss of his Rolex. Tonight, in Glasgow, he is doing what he does best and turning the whole traumatic incident into a comedy sketch, part of a show which cements him firmly at the top of the comedy rankings.

McIntyre is known for his boundless energy and unceasing movement around the stage and, although admitting this tour has resulted in a little weight gain which again he pokes fun at, his Big World Tour is no different. McIntyre’s energy is infectious and the full crowd at the SSE Hydro can’t help but smile broadly as he leaps up onto the stage from the bowels of the theatre.

As well as being a top class comedian McIntyre has a knack for accents; taking the opportunity to embrace the Scottish crowd with a terrifyingly good accent, which he turns from Glaswegian hardman to Nicola Sturgeon in the blink of an eye. The Sturgeon sketch particularly provides some of the loudest laughter of the night, perhaps aided by the stunt pulled by the SNP politicians in London this week.

From politics to sport, to car drivers and toilet habits, no stone is left unturned and everyone laughs because everyone knows that the situations McIntyre so eloquently describes are true. Will we ever look at Boris Johnson’s suit or the hazard light ‘thank you’ the same way again?

After belly aching laughter all night the crowd disperse, and no doubt in every car trying to escape the full car park people continue to chuckle away as they try to ease their way into the queues, thank each other with a blinking light (or even better a thumbs-up!) or worse, cut people off!

As long as real life things keep happening McIntyre will no doubt continue to regale us with the hilarious parts of our own lives and everyone should be glad of that.