What was once a fun break from The World for Amber Sermeńo and Andy Jordan is now the band Naked Roommate. Formed in 2018 the side hustle are now releasing their debut album Do the Duvet after Michael Zamora and Alejandra Alcala solidified the group’s line up. Naked Roommate is an eclectic mix of post punk and electronic dance.

The beats are catchy in their strangely appealing repetitiveness. The electro sounds sound, at times, like bars found on the floor that have been recycled into something bizarrely fascinating here. Coupled with the guitar and bass the rhythms of Do the Duvet create and almost hypnotic response. That’s before even taking into account Sermeńo’s vocals.

Described as the album’s “narrator” Sermano guides listeners through a guided meditation with her lyrics. In places she simply talks and in others the melodies in her voice are enough to be argued as singing. Together with the album’s rhythm these songs are playful as much as they are moving. The band’s influences aren’t necessarily subtle. Occasionally it feels like you’ve put on Devo by mistake until the vocals start.

The mix of post punk lyricism and electro dance rhythms might suggest Naked Roommate are more serious than they really are, but this is catchy music. The exuberance of Do the Duvet saves the band from verging into hipster seriousness.

The near constant beat makes it a great walking album. More importantly, the non-stop groove is appropriate in the home or the dancefloor. It’s almost an album that can be played anywhere and start a good time. The playful energy, hypnotic rhythms and meditative lyrics are a great advert for this band’s live performances.

Do the Duvet is a fantastic debut and Naked Roommate are worth keeping an eye on in a post-Covid gig world.