The Glasgow-based Belgian guitarist Nico G has been touring the world over the past two years and his new EP The Road Book is the result of his time traveling.

Comprising four original tracks and a cover, the EP conveys a whole range of emotions without ever saying a word. Being classically trained, Nico G is obviously incredibly talented and his fingerpicking style is something to behold. There’s a bit of blues, rock and even a little pop here and there for Nico G to showcase his talent.

Nico opens the EP with his cover of the Rolling Stones classic Paint it Black. Immediately listeners will notice how significant his fingerpicking style is, being able to play both the bass and melody together. For guitar fans this is something special. Nico puts his twist on the Stones hit, even throwing a few other famous riffs into the track. If listeners get the chance they should try to watch Nico play, the way his fingers dance across the strings is strangely cathartic. 

From the Beginning is Nico’s first original piece on the EP and continues to display his skills but with a more relaxing melody this time. The fingerpicking style is truly magnificent, again with this track presenting a bass and melody at the same time.

No More Questions is a stand out in the album and has a bit of a poppy ring to it. Together with Jour 100 the two tracks offer a more stimulating take on Nico’s style. It’s no surprise given the title of the EP and the story of its creation that the tracks here elicit a feeling of travelling and setting off on a new journey. There’s a hopeful quality to the melodies.

Nico might be a Belgian but he currently resides in Scotland as the track The Wee Blether perfectly demonstrates. This is a fantastic EP that guitar lovers will enjoy. Nico G has sublime talent and fans of blues, rock or pop should do themselves a favour and listen to him, or better yet, see him live.