Dance transcends boundaries, seeing no limits to the abilities of performers ages, physical ability or intentions. This year, as with others, Scotland’s national centre for dance hosts some exceptional talent. Chiara Bersani is one such performer who is Seeking Unicorns.

Abandoning the symbol left as a relic of folklore, the unicorn has been without a voice for aeons says Bersani, who wishes to breathe life into the iconic creature, celebrating movement for all ages, shapes and sizes.

Commitment to the role is boundless for Bersani, her dedication awe-inspiring for physical movement performers. Patiently meticulous, catching Bersani’s eye is to fully grasp the endurance of Seeking Unicorns. Embodying the beast, she is the flesh, the muscle, bones and even the call of the unicorn.

In a meagre request, if you are able, sit on the floor for the duration of the performance – it’s worth the numb rear. Levels play a substantial role in the connection we draw from this performance and foot or two transforms viewer perceptions, taking us down to a non-physical involvement.

Audio serves an oddly chosen process throughout, at times grasping at understandable as the trumpets, flutes and calls of the unicorn summon a herd – a distant, ethereal, timeless cry. Otherwise, the audio is disconcerting, without much explanation, it becomes off-putting to the performance, in its scratching, uneven rhythm.

Unlike any experience you’ll likely have, Seeking Unicorns delivers on the ethos of Dance Base, not only to please an audience but to stop them in their tracks, causing them to question something, anything and encourage discussion. Chiara Bersani is a stoic performer, who embodies a creature, enabling it to have agency over its diluted image.