An ancient unknown is awakened from its slumber in Sleeping Giant. In association with Celebration Theatre, a writer and producer of the hit American television series, Supernatural, offers a new threat in this theatrical thriller. Proposing to his partner at his lakeside cabin, Ryan’s firework display wakes a creature deep beneath the water. In a series of short, interconnected scenes, we see a variety of characters and situations as they each experience the terror of the lake. More people are blindly pulled into this phenomenon and side effects are unearthed – recreating the legend of the Butterfly King.

The atrocities of this monstrous God are beautifully illustrated. From our first encounter to its eventual cult following, there is a distinct unease in the interaction between those “infected” and its potential victims. It feels as though the audience has come face to face with the Giant itself, something the play manages to portray seamlessly. The ways each scene was structured made sure the punchline was delivered after a false sense of comfort. All scenarios seemed perfectly plausible until the uncanny creeps in.

Whilst these scenes are ultimately stand-alone stories amidst a bigger issue, there were often subtle relations between characters. This helped the flow of the show and whilst actors portrayed multiple characters it didn’t feel disjointed. The blocking of the characters could have improved for the audience however, as people found themselves watching an actor’s back for a scene. With such expressive emotions channelling through the actors it is a positive element that should be taken full advantage of. Creepy smiles and uncomfortable glances are all apart of what made the monster more believable.

As the show progresses the threat of the lake increases but never comes across as predictable or fragmented. Yet, the performance may leave the audience with more questions than when we began, both existential and from the ambiguous origin of these godlike beasts. This leaves us up to interpretation though, and Sleeping Giant is a thriller that embraces curiosity and mystery.