Between the battering winds of storm Jocelyn and the competing torrents of live music, a sleeping soul would be hard to find. The band, however, are centre stage at Glasgow’s beloved King Tut’s tonight, providing a much needed jolt of energy to the final stretch of a weary month.

With the quirky and compelling Hannah Rose Platt opening, an atmosphere of comfort and ease quickly builds amongst the audience. This is grown further by the endearing co-headliner Sean McGowan, delivering a performance with the easy-go-lucky charm of your witty, yet surprisingly talented, lifelong friend jumping on stage and depressing you just a little bit. All this meant that by the time The Sleeping Souls take to the stage, a friendly camaraderie has been built up amongst the audience, allowing the band to slip in effortlessly like the most popular guests at a party.

From the get-go, the band easily take to the task of creating a rapport with the audience, despite the notable absence of their slightly well-known frontman. They play with an energy that proves them to be not only extremely talented musicians, but also extremely passionate performers. The obvious thrill the band get from simply playing music is infectious, spreading a buzz of delight through the venue. The combined talents of each member blends seamlessly, creating an overall balanced sound. The subtle vocals of Cahir O’Doherty, who gives an enticing performance despite recovering from a cold, is enhanced by the elegant keyboard, dynamic guitars, and steady drumbeats. 

The set is left lagging at times, caught by the limited range of the band’s discography. This is particularly noticeable during the slower tunes that are more common than the livelier tracks to which the band are more suited. Particular enthusiasm is felt for the more prominent and powerful hits, such as ‘Weathering the Storm’ – perhaps the most appropriate song ever played at any gig – and ‘Scared of Living’, a thrashing number that allows the band to close out on a high.

Within the confines of a short set and intimate venue,  The Sleeping Souls are able to create an evening of harmony and enjoyment. Helped on by the engaging performances of two very talented acts, they proved themselves to be a powerhouse band in their own right. Given the time to expand upon their repertoire, they may find yet themselves asking Frank Turner to be their backing singer.