Sweeping Promises’ debut was perfectly in-sync with the post-punk times that seem to be perpetually en vogue these days. It was scrappy and endearing, full of indignant rage and shouty wit. The so-called difficult second album feels pretty easy here as Lira Mondal and Caulfield Schnug develop their themes along familiar lines, while still adding a few refinements.

They may have a little more cash and a studio with more than a single mic, but this album is still dripping in scuzz; it’s improved production evident purely by comparison. Apart from the a capella intro, Eraser could just as easily have opened the first album, and Throw of the Dice has that loping bassline and guitar melody that caught the attention first time round.

But it’s the new innovations they’ve introduced that interest most. Ideal No and Connoisseur of Salt pay homage to the early days of American post-punk, with new wave licks and no wave sax reminiscent of Devo or James Chance. Walk in Place is the funkiest song they’ve put to wax, content to be catchy and capacious, as opposed to the usual air of claustrophobia that the duo exist in.

Sometimes there’s a bit of repetition that drags things down, like the bleeps and bloops of Can’t Hide It or the ad nauseam lyricism of You Shatter, but even when not firing on all cylinders there’s usually a catchy bassline (Shadow Me, Throw of the Dice) or chorus (Petit Four, Eraser).

Good Living is Coming For You is a title that provides an optimistic continuation of their debut, Hunger for a Way Out. The band sound and feel more comfortable now; they haven’t quite made it yet, but they can sense the good times coming. And this half hour and change of half-polished gems demonstrate that they can show you the way if you’re willing to indulge.