Psychedelic lighting and upbeat party-goers create the perfect atmosphere in this warehouse-turned-music venue in the west end of Glasgow. Despite not having a packed audience, Vitalic still manages to keep everyone shimmying along to the beat of his music.

The crowd includes everyone from teenagers, mums and dads, large groups of friends, couples, fans of Vitalic and those who have never heard of him before. It doesn’t matter who you are, because you all have a love of music in common.

The venue is spacious but the DJ booth is on a platform that is only slightly raised, pulling listeners further into the music and making them feel as though they are as much a part of the music as the creator himself.

Although not very well known, it’s clear his music speaks to a wider audience and that it isn’t difficult to have a good night dancing your feet sore. The venue is perfect as there is plenty of room to move around but everywhere you look there is another group of people laughing and enjoying the music.

The music itself almost has a pop feel to it; it’s catchy and goes along well with the light show including strobe lights, patterns running across the walls and floor in multitude of different colours. On a negative note, some of the choruses do seem slightly similar and it’s almost as though the same beat is being repeated; but that is the only minor fault found with this gig.

Because of the wide range of people present, the atmosphere seems that much better. Everyone is dressed differently, dancing differently, drinking different drinks and most obvious of all, the age range is massive.

Vitalic is a DJ for everyone, his music appeals to everyone, even the bouncers and staff at the venue were joining in with attendees whilst keeping everyone in order. Definitely a worthwhile way to spend your money.