Barrowland Ballroom

28 - 29 October 2024
Paul Weller - 66
The Modfather returns with a solid effort that falls shy of recent musical peaks
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23 February 2024
Much more than just "shoegaze" or "90s" legends, Slowdive are simply one of the best bands working in 2023
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28 February 2020
Portland indie-rockers silence all doubters with an imperious display in an early gig of the year contender
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17 October 2019
Killswitch Engage
Metalcore trailblazers prove the doubters wrong
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2 May 2019
The Specials
Number one album finally in the bag, the pride of Coventry prove they've still got it live too
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20 December 2018
Revived Glasgow band add the slick and sophisticated sounds of a new album to their 80s repertoire
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21 January 2017
An abudance of instruments sometimes muddies the water, but still an entertaining experience.
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15 - 16 October 2016
Arab Strap
Reunited pair are older, a little wiser, and never better.
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