Sonali Misra

Sonali Misra (she/her) is an Indian author and PhD Researcher in Publishing Studies at The University of Stirling. Her short stories and personal essays can be found in British, Canadian and Indian anthologies and at The National Library of Scotland. Her debut nonfiction, 21 Fantastic Failures: and what their stories teach us, was released in 2020. When she is not writing or researching, she enjoys watching stand-up comedy and drag shows and is thus happily reviewing them during Fringe 2022.
15 articles

Stuart McPherson: The Peesh

Clever use of a 'boys-gone-wild' tale in the service of a routine of sensitivity and frank vulnerability

7 September 2022

James Roque: Badong

A promising solo debut beautifully combining anecdotes, physical gags and a multimedia approach

3 September 2022

Simon Brodkin: Screwed Up

Promising first half interrupted by an uncomfortable throwaway joke that pulls down the rest of the show

25 August 2022

Alison Spittle: Wet

Clever writing backed by an endearing stage presence in a show you grin and nod along to

18 August 2022

Vir Das: Wanted

Powerful storytelling meets hoot-worthy humour in this brilliantly crafted show about loving your country even if it doesn't always love you back

17 August 2022

Rajiv Karia: Gallivant

Karia takes to the stage with confidence and charisma but neither can save a mishmash of a script

17 August 2022