Sonali Misra

Sonali Misra (she/her) is an award-winning Indian author and PhD Researcher in Publishing Studies. Her short stories and personal essays can be found in British, Canadian and Indian anthologies and at The National Library of Scotland. Her debut nonfiction, 21 Fantastic Failures: and what their stories teach us, was released in 2020. When she is not writing or researching, she enjoys watching stand-up comedy and drag shows and is thus happily reviewing them during Fringe.
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In Everglade Studio

A vivd mix of comedy and discomfort, snappy dialogue, and toe-tapping original music make for an intriguing watch

18 August 2023

Rhys James: Spilt Milk

With such a high ratio of laughs per minute, there will be no crying over this 'Spilt Milk' – unless it's tears of laughter

18 August 2023

La Clique

Experience every shade of cabaret brilliance at this outlandish and beautiful circus

16 August 2023


Game show in the style of Japanese 'penalty games', our lives were incomplete before this perfect late-night Fringe pick

15 August 2023

Biswa Kalyan Rath: Live

Equal-opportunity hater/Indian comic makes his debut at the Fringe with an experimental crowd-work show

13 August 2023

Urooj Ashfaq: Oh No!

Physical gags, goofy humour, and roaring audience engagement, all packaged in an animated and loveable stage persona

10 August 2023

Sikisa: Hear Me Out

Come for the comedy, and stay for the cheeky humour, reveals, and dance

9 August 2023

Celya AB: Second Rodeo

Sophomore show has a blistering first half, yet slightly falls away in the second

9 August 2023

Sofie Hagen: Banglord

Commanding stage presence and quick wit that would make anyone decry democracy and welcome Hagen as our benevolent dictator/banglord

8 August 2023