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The Life of a Gecko

Artistic Director of Gecko, Amit Lahav, talks to Andrew Latimer about the long-haul life of Institute, coming to Festival Theatre this month.


Although spontaneity is sought after in this epic open-mic, it feels as regimented as a military march.


Interview: Graham McLaren

NTS Associate Director Graham McLaren talks to us about the need for a great auld party. On the eve of the Scottish Referendum.


A rivetingly prismatic and rampant dissection of style, form and function.


A brutally powerful performance by Matt Robertson, sadly of an unnecessarily exaggerated text.


The conventions of linear theatre are burst from their shackles in Olwen Fouéré’s one-woman show.

Patrick’s Day

Believable and brutal film, censuring the idea of “treating” people with mental illnesses who struggle to maintain relationships.


Gala screening maintains a recent, though not all-encompassing, tradition at the EIFF of disappointing British fare.

The Anomaly

An inventive, stylish futuristic drama which is too complicated for its own good.

Let Us Prey

A hilarious, horrific and hammy (all at once) Giallo debut from Brian O’Malley.

The Uprising

Still an urgent and emotive account of the Arab Spring, but it’s hard to see how Peter Snowdon’s film tells us anything new.

The Gilded Cage

There’s no huge satire or political anchor in Alves’s film, but rather a very well-made comedy of manners.


A film of substantial elegance, grace and even quiet desperation about the routines of a seemingly unremarkable Spanish tailor.


A fascinatingly Melvillesque – but potholed – story of a Mafioso bodyguard in Sicily.


An oblique and eccentric comedy on the moral consequences of unrestricted power.

20 Feet From Stardom

A completely euphoric experience that brings forward the backup singers who gave feeling, energy and memory to classic music.