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Calum Macnab


Film fanatic - especially the horror genre. Loves an argument/debate, but before you start, just know one thing: his opinion is right, not yours.

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King Tut's Wah Wah Hut


A confident first headline event from the Scottish alt-rockers.

Tigers Are Not Afraid
Glasgow Film Theatre

Tigers Are Not Afraid

A dark, yet magical and inventive look at young lives affected by Mexico’s drug war.

Secret Santa
Glasgow Film Theatre

Secret Santa

A Christmas slasher movie which is only occasionally as entertaining as it thinks it is.

Glasgow Film Theatre

The Cured

A zombie film with intelligence, politics and bite.

Dead or Alive Trilogy

Takashi Miike’s infamous unpredictable nature is evident across an inconsistent, but enjoyable trilogy.


The punches may land, but the satire falls flat in Onur Tuckle’s comedy-drama.

Glasgow Film Theatre


While reports of extremity are exaggerated, Raw is a terrific horror with a stunning lead performance.

Dorian Gray

A strong, minimalist performance of Oscar Wilde’s novel from the five-man Incognito Theatre

The Sound of Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock might be known for his brilliant staging of set-pieces, but what about the music that helped bring such scenes to life?

This Is How We Die

A dark, brilliant piece of spoken-word theatre from Canadian motor-mouth, Christopher Brett Bailey.

Dean Owens & The Whisky Hearts

Owens & The Whisky Hearts provide an enjoyably relaxing album launch in which the audience can fully indulge their Country & Americana appetites.


A predictable horror story filled with clich├ęs, but low on scares.

The Turning

A well-acted, but muddled and overlong adaptation of Tim Winton’s short story collection that will appeal to those who delight in analysing and discussing cinema.