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Calum Macnab


Film fanatic - especially the horror genre. Loves an argument/debate, but before you start, just know one thing: his opinion is right, not yours.

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Dead or Alive Trilogy

Takashi Miike’s infamous unpredictable nature is evident across an inconsistent, but enjoyable trilogy.


The punches may land, but the satire falls flat in Onur Tuckle’s comedy-drama.

Glasgow Film Theatre


While reports of extremity are exaggerated, Raw is a terrific horror with a stunning lead performance.

Dorian Gray

A strong, minimalist performance of Oscar Wilde’s novel from the five-man Incognito Theatre

The Sound of Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock might be known for his brilliant staging of set-pieces, but what about the music that helped bring such scenes to life?

This Is How We Die

A dark, brilliant piece of spoken-word theatre from Canadian motor-mouth, Christopher Brett Bailey.

Dean Owens & The Whisky Hearts

Owens & The Whisky Hearts provide an enjoyably relaxing album launch in which the audience can fully indulge their Country & Americana appetites.


A predictable horror story filled with clich├ęs, but low on scares.

The Turning

A well-acted, but muddled and overlong adaptation of Tim Winton’s short story collection that will appeal to those who delight in analysing and discussing cinema.