Luminate – Scotland’s creative ageing organisation – has announced its festivals will be going biennial from 2019.

Since its inception in 2012, Luminate has run nationwide festivals each year. However, the organisation has decided to change their approach in providing artistic opportunities to Scotland’s elderly. The festival will become biennial (returning in 2019) as the organisation plans to focus on supporting the development of work with, for and by older people all year round.

The organisation aims to change the evidence shown in the annual Scottish Household Survey that people over 65 engage less with arts and culture than their younger contemporaries. Whether it be dance classes, community choirs, writing workshops and more, Luminate is developing activities to support seniors who emerge as artists later in life.

In order to provide this new and innovative programme, Luminate has already partnered with Magnetic North Theatre Company and Unforgotten Forces – a long term collaboration to offer artistic outlets to veterans in Scotland.

Director of Luminate, Anne Gallacher expressed great belief and enthusiasm for the new path.

“The new initiatives that are underway are already reinforcing the value of our new approach, and in particular our collaboration with Erskine [Unforgotten Forces] is allowing us to share learning and skills across both organisations.”

With Scotland’s ageing population – an increase of 53% in the number of people over 65 between 2014 and 2039 is projected – Luminate hopes this new direction will advocate and provide more creative opportunities for the country’s senior citizens.

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