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Ken is a feature writer award-winning editor covering subjects as diverse as the arts and design, film, the law, health and popular culture.

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Secrets & Lies

Comedy of manners by way of theatre of embarrassment in this Mike Leigh classic

The Stylist

Gory and stylish thriller where women are both victims and perpetrator

The New World

Terrence Malick applies his transcendent, immersive vision to the tale of Pocahontas

Safe Spaces

Professor gets drawn into the university battleground of the culture war in incisive comedy


Influential movie about love, work and finding yourself anticipates the mumblecore movement


Gruesomely self-indulgent docudrama told in baffling postmodern style

LX 2048

Dystopian drama with clones, virtual reality and sexbots that doesn’t quite come off


Powerful and moving documentary on resistance to the Trumpocalypse