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ZOO Southside

Moscow Boys

A glorious riot of dance, music and pure joy, occasionally marred by too loud sound mixing.

Counting Sheep

Fringe at Summerhall

Always one of Edinburgh’s most intriguing year-round festivals, Summerhall boasts a programme full of the dark twists and turns of humanity

The Table

One gruff Biblical puppet and a bog standard table make for an evening heavy on laughs, laughs and more laughs.


Stunning visuals, sublime acting and far more laughs than you might expect, this is a classic adaptation done almost entirely right.

Ballett Zurich

Two sharply satisfying pieces of choreography make for an evening of dark spirits, thumping rhythms and phenomenal dance talent.

Scaramouche Jones

Scaramouche Jones

A twisted adventure tale with the dark heart of the 20th Century at its core, this is hauntingly compelling and skilfully told.



A superb concept sadly produces a show that is decent rather than great.

Thrones The Musical

Thrones! The Musical

A collection of songs, skits and knob gags, this has none of the good points of the show it claims to love.

Fully Committed

An upbeat example of just how whiny humans can be, with a stellar central performance



Combining human misery, manic energy and good jokes by the bucket load, this is the kind of work the Fringe does best.