at most, and something else will be along.

In this vein and, given the fact that a public audience vote is taken throughout, the films are an excellent education in the subjectivity of art. Once a few shorts have been screened and the pencils have begun to scratch out their scores, it becomes impossible not to subtly incline the head, to see what those sitting in front or behind thought. At times, the audience reaction feels unified; Mr Madiba and Mr Plastimime both reverberate strongly, for their stunning originality and heartfelt narrative respectively. At others, you wonder if the people sat in front have just watched the same piece of work. Rattle That Lock, the music video to one of David Gilmour’s solo singles, is a fantastically evocative and grotesque setting of Satan’s fall, corruption and rebirth as the ultimate figure of evil. It therefore takes a fair amount of control not to reach forward and hiss ‘A 2? Out of 5? Are you mad??’

But ultimately, the voting neither adds to or detracts. In the end, the dazzling variety of drawing styles, and gloriously bonkers ways of seeing the world – it stands alone. I pity the committee forced to make the final cut.

British Animation Awards night is on Thu 10 Mar 2016 @ BFI Southbank