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Adam Thornton

Adam is a budding film reviewer who is still working out how to use his Masters in Film Studies from Aberystwyth University. His main hobby is watching films, especially Hong Kong action cinema, although he has no (actual) knowledge of martial arts whatsoever! His other interests include stand-up comedy, but only as an audience member, and reading books about film. His quest to obtain a social life is still ongoing...

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Black Medicine

Fast-paced Northern Irish thriller benefits from strong performances and intelligent writing


Quiet and measured film about an ill-fated relationship from a filmmaking master

Night Shift

Strong performances and characterisations sit alongside a heavy-handed asylum seeker narrative in uneven police drama


Impressive look at one young girl’s coming of age over the course of one Summer


An impressively chilling look at how Chile’s fascist past informs the far-right extremism of today

The Plan

A dialogue-heavy stage-to-screen adaptation that impresses through its performances and narrative twists

Gunpowder Heart

An LGBTQ perspective provides a refreshingly unique take on the standard revenge narrative

The Bay of Silence

Strong performances can’t distract from a derivative and implausible mystery-thriller

Me and Me

Tonal and narrative shifts result in lack of depth for intriguing mystery

Chasing Dream

Acclaimed Hong Kong director To returns with an entertaining mixture of musicals and MMA

Lost Bullet

Effectively-staged thriller’s nail-biting action sequences make up for its shortcomings


A seemingly simple fish-out-of-water story that raises deeper issues of national identity