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Adam Thornton

Adam is a budding film reviewer who is still working out how to use his Masters in Film Studies from Aberystwyth University. His main hobby is watching films, especially Hong Kong action cinema, although he has no (actual) knowledge of martial arts whatsoever! His other interests include stand-up comedy, but only as an audience member, and reading books about film. His quest to obtain a social life is still ongoing...

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Edinburgh Filmhouse


A well-crafted look at Argentinian society during a crucial point in the nation’s history

Edinburgh Filmhouse

Broken Silence

A powerful account of how the Franco regime affects one woman and her village

Edinburgh Filmhouse

The Eternal Feminine

A powerful yet truncated look at professional and personal equality in 1950s Mexico

Edinburgh Filmhouse

The Candidate

Darkly-humorous yet thrilling drama about political corruption through the eyes of one man

Dark City

Charlton Heston impresses in early role in this gripping film noir revenge thriller

Pink House
PQA Venues @ Riddle's Court

Pink House

A small-scale and subtly powerful play about the ghosts of the past and cultural legacies

Edinburgh Filmhouse

The Souvenir

Understated yet quietly powerful account of an abusive relationship

Nothing To Hide
theSpace on Niddry Street

Nothing To Hide

A stylistically-ambitious look at the effects modern technology has on privacy sadly falters due to its scattered execution

Endless Second
Pleasance Courtyard

Endless Second

A narratively complex look at rape within a relationship in the post-#MeToo era

Pleasance Dome

Goodbear: Dougal

Energetic performances from this returning comedy duo keep the audience thoroughly entertained