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Eden Court

Educating Rita

Willy Russell’s script shines through this fierce pairing of Tompkinson and Johnson.


NTS: Them!

Existential ant-ics about identity and change leave us with more questions than answers.

Festival Theatre Studio


Sensational tribute to Scotland’s most successful entertainer.

Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Blithe Spirit

A refreshing production of Noël Coward’s witty comedy written to cure wartime woes.

King's Theatre (Glasgow)

Avenue Q

An outrageously funny show that wonderfully handles real life issues

King's Theatre


A wonderful adaptation that preserves Amelie’s eccentric imagination while adding its own original touch.

Assembly Roxy

Downs With Love

A passionate production shedding light on society’s misunderstanding of Down’s Syndrome and the insecurities that come with it.

Eden Court

Curious Shoes

A dance show orchestrated for those with dementia that brings sunshine into a rather fractured and aggressive world

Byre Theatre


A truly original musical with solid vocals.

Sea Changes
Leith Dockers Club

Sea Changes

Leith’s Citadel Arts shed light on another forgotten piece of modern Scottish history

Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Summer Holiday

The future looks bright for new AD Elizabeth Newman as this talented cast bring sunshine to the Highlands (even on a rainy day).

Festival Theatre Studio

The Little Bath

Théâtre de Romette crafts a deeply playful and accessible story through its simple premise and imaginative performance.

Traverse Theatre

The Invisible Man

Theater Artemis’ use of puppetry and mime helps to create a charming show suitable for all ages.

Festival Theatre Studio


A powerful piece on the terrorism experienced by children that engages with its young audience.