Note: This review is from the 2018 Fringe

Aidan Goatley’s 10 Films With My Dad has been a Fringe fixture for many years now, and has expanded into a similarly themed podcast. We spoke to him ahead of his run at Sweet Venues, to which he also brings a show about being The Vicar’s Husband

Can you tell us a bit about the show and the 10 Films With… podcast?

My first fringe was in 2010 and I did nine days in a venue somewhere near Belgium. I fell in love with it all and was determined to come back with a show. While up here you get talking and my friend Jill Edwards suggested I do something with clips. An hour later it just sort of popped into my head so I promptly bored everyone in earshot that evening and have been doing so every year since!

The podcast just came from loving talking about films with comedians. It’s great having an opportunity to talk to some heroes.

Film has obviously formed part of an intense bond between you and your dad.  What was the film or films that caused this mutual spark?

Really tricky to just pin it down to one but I talk about the major ones that meant the most. I luckily grew up before the Eastenders Sunday omnibus so we always watched a film on those afternoons.

Where did the idea to make a podcast from your film viewing come from?  Was there one movie in particular you had strong feelings about that you wanted to broadcast?

It was more of an idea to put 10 Films out there as I was always being told what people’s ten would be. The guests can choose ones they hate, love or even haven’t seen as long as there’s something we can talk about. Guests find it really tricky to just pick 10. Unless you’re Mark Thomas and you pick 37.

Are the episodes where you disagree with your guests more fun to do?

Totally. I found it difficult at first because I’m not good with even the most minor confrontation, but it can really lead to some fun conversations as sometimes you can’t be polite for the sake of it, especially when someone says they love Skyfall.

Because everyone loves a good takedown, what film do you absolutely detest and why?

Skyfall has a special place of hatred in my world. It’s so bad where everyone thinks it’s great. I actually have a 20 minute rant about its nonsensical plot holes. People always say, “but it’s a Bond film, it’s supposed to be silly!” The problem is they tried to pitch it as a realistic Bond and it’s anything but. Plus it’s the only Bond film where the bad guy succeeds in his mission.

You’re also bringing a stand-up show about your wife’s decision to become a vicar.  Can you tell us about that?

Well, it’s been on the cards for a while now as she’s always been afflicted with the faith thing. It’s convenient that she’s very much in the lovely end of the Christian pool and I’m the most apathetic atheist ever. It’s just your standard “atheist meets girl, girl finds God, atheist feels he could cope with a five bedroom vicarage in Sussex” story.

What are the best and worst things about the Fringe?

I love everything about the Fringe. I love the city and all it has to offer. I hate comedians moaning about doing it. No one is forcing you to be there.

Do you have any Fringe recommendations; particularly acts that deserve more coverage and recognition than they currently receive?  

So many to choose from, but I always go and see The Kagools, who always give such wonderfully inventive silliness. Holt & Talbot’s show Mansplaining Feminism is very funny and Mark Thomas’ NHS show will be brilliant. There’s too many to list but take a chance and see something you wouldn’t normally. Also anything about films and atheists.

10 Films With… Podcast is @ Sweet Novotel, Mon 6 – Fri 10 & Mon 20 – Fri 24 Aug 2018
10 Films With My Dad is @ Sweet Grassmarket, Fri 3 – Sun 26 Aug 2018 (not 15)
The Vicar’s Husband is @ Sweet Grassmarket, Fri 3 – Sun 26 Aug 2018 (not 15)