With the UK now more than a month into its quarantine period, there’s a good chance you’ve consumed more cinematic content over the last 30 days than in the rest of the year put together. So why not try your hand at creating a short film of your own?

Inspired by an urge to make a virtue of necessity and stave off the creeping boredom that lockdown brings, the Napier Filmmaking Society (NFS) has announced a competition that is open to everyone. The Film Festival of Solitude welcomes contributions from all aficionados of cinema, regardless of their backgrounds, with the six best films being screened on the 9th May on Facebook Live. The evening will be accompanied by a presentation from the NFS president and the announcement of the eventual winner, who will receive a £100 grant towards their next filmmaking endeavour.

As well as providing entertainment to applicants and viewers alike and rewarding the efforts of the winning short, The Film Festival of Solitude will also be raising much-needed funds for The Salvation Army. As such, it represents a worthwhile venture for fans of cinema of all stripes and styles. More information about the submission guidelines can be found on the group’s website, while budding directors have until Monday 4th May to get their entries in.

Happy filmmaking!