NextUp, the comedy streaming service will be bringing a full crew to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the third year running.  The service, described as the ‘Netflix for comedy’, will be filming numerous specials during August, including Hal Cruttenden‘s Chubster, and are also looking for acts to add to their impressive catalogue during the Fringe.

For comics who’d like to be considered for filming there’s a simple web-form to fill in. NextUP’s CPO,
Kenny Cavey says “Edinburgh’s a really key time for scouting for the rest of the year’s production as well as the shows we film up there. So for comics interested in working with NextUp, it’s the perfect time to get in touch.”

Over the last two years NextUp have added Edinburgh shows by the likes of Alison Thea Skot, Roisin & Chiara, Norris & Parker, Laura Lexx, Joz Norris, Ed Aczel and Andrew Maxwell.   These are in addition to some of our favourite shows of the last few years, including Maisie Adam‘s Vague, Lauren Pattison‘s Lady Muck, Alice Fraser‘s Ethos, and Brennan Reece‘s Everlong,