With COVID restrictions still playing havoc with live events, even ancient Celtic festivals like Samhuinn are going online.

Hearth Fire is an online version of the Samhuinn Fire Festival, which usually takes place on Calton Hill with up to 8,000 spectators to welcome in the Celtic New Year. The festival is organised by the famous Beltane Fire Society, a group of hundreds of volunteers who use fire play, drumming, immersive character performance, and Gaelic song to tell the story of Winter’s triumph over Summer.

The online festival will be an opportunity for others around the world to join in this celebration of Celtic mythology.

The festival will be live streamed on Facebook and YouTube on Saturday 31st October from 7PM. It is free to watch, but viewers are kindly asked to make a donation by buying a voluntary ticket on Citizen Ticket. 10% of those donations will be given to green charities.

More information about the festival is available on their website, and you can sign up to the Facebook event here.