Note: This review is from the 2017 Fringe


by John Hinton


A is for the AUDIENCE, the reason that we’re here.

B is for the BARS in which we drink our daily beer.

C’s for COMEDY, at which we chuckle, chortle, cringe.

D’s for DAILY GUIDE, with which we organise our Fringe.

E must be for EDINBURGH, the city that we love.

F is for the FLYERS that into your hands we shove.

G’s for GREYFRIARS BOBBY, who’s the loyalest hound in town.

H is for the HUSH descending when houselights go down.

I’s for INTERNATIONAL, the Fringe’s bigger sister.

J is for the JUGGLER who demands that you assist her.

K’s for KILTS, those classy tartan wraps that men here wear.

L’s for LUVVIES; luvvie love is love that’s hard to bear.

M is for MUSEUM, which this year’s where I’m performing.

N is for NEW WRITING: nascent, nervy, nonconforming.

O’s for OPEN ACCESS, which stops Fringe being a clique.

P is for the PREVIEWS that we crammed into last week.

Q is what we hope will form outside our show each day.

R is for the ROYAL MILE from which we stay away.

S is for the STARRED REVIEWS we think are so important.

T is for the TEARS we shed when stars are few, but oughtn’t.

U is for UMBRELLA – it’s a must for your back-pack.

V is for VARIETY, which Fringetime doesn’t lack.

W’s for WALKING, of which you’ll be doing plenty.

X can be for XVII, the number after 20.

Y is for the YEARNING for our shows to worldwide roam,

And Z is for the big fat ZERO pounds that we’ll take home.


John Hinton’s Ensonglopedia of Science is @ Gilded Balloon @ the Museum from Wed 2 Aug 2017