It’s inevitable there will be a wee lull of gigs in Embra after “THE WORLDS BIGGEST STREET STUMBLE” totters to a halt somepoint in the first week of January. Whilst Glasgow’s King Tuts uses the time to stock up on showcasing pure quality central belt bands, Capital residents give their ear drums a rest until the second week of the most miserable month.

Thankfully, enigmatic Swiss outfit Mama Roisin bring a tangy folk dollop to Sneaky Pete’s in the middle Monday. Duo Cyril “Jeter” Yeterian and Robin A. Girod stomp up a ferociously simple blend of Cajun and Creole wrapped in the cheeky charm of skinny jeans and sideburns.

At their their most energetic, simple guitar chords cavort with a fiercely played mandolin whose efficency at times makes Gogolbordello look bloated, as demonstrated last year on Jools Holland. On the other side of the swamp they’re also capable of a taste of deep rooted folk best enjoyed rocking on a dusty Southern US porch.

With their third LP Black Robert out this month on Gutfeeling, the lads will jaunt down the UK after a three day stop at Celtic Connections supporting Taraf de Haïdouks; a few mainstream airplays away from a cult following admiration their dedication deserves. Well, well worth popping in for.

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Manchester trio I Am Kloot pop up round the corner the following evening, Tuesday 19th, at The Liquid Room. After over a decade of tight and textbook modern indie the band melted down last year for fifth LP Sky At Night, into a more tranquil and sombre recording. Maintaining the lyrical intensity and refreshingly off kilter hooks, the band steeped themselves into an assured and comforting musical framework.

Whilst the band had dropped down a few gears, they still kept the critical pace up and earned nomination for last years Mercury Music Prize. The change in tact will likely see a varied and refreshing setlist from Guy Garvey’s favourites.

Superb support on the tour comes from Dan Michaelson & The Coastguards – led by eponymous the former Absentee frontman, their soothingly frank take on blues led heartbreak tales will easily justify early entry, and very likely half your ticket price.

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In person in Ripping Records (North Bridge) and Tickets Scotland (Rose St)

With the pennies you’ve saved from a week without a decent gig, why not double drop the Liquid Room straight after the gig (after warming yourself with a solid ale next door at the Bow Bar)?

Bloc Party‘s Kele Okereke helps catapult electic student friendly house night, Zzzap, from old home at the Wee Red Bar to the shiny dials of the reopened Liquid Room.

Following his electro inversion of solidly successful debut LP, The Boxer, expect him to be throwing all manner of edgey indie to solid beats that influenced the band which spearheaded Nu-Rave before it had even cracked it’s glowsticks.

The support slots are occupied by the kind of local dancefloor directing talent that would lead to only one club to go on Tuesday night, regardless of the headliner.

Come Collective kick starter Dandy Riots will build a precusor to the main event with a heel stomping electro-house combo; recenently even chucking a free remix of Kele’s lead single ‘Tendori‘ for download. ECA afficiandos Club Soda will crack the doors open with their concoction of deep house and neo garage to get things thirsty.

Overall expect their hands to be not just splaying on the decks – UV paint akimbo is customary for the student focussed club night and won’t be in short supply as they kick off their 2011.

Tickets Available on Ticketweb.
In person in
Ripping Records (North Bridge) and Tickets Scotland (Rose St)